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Get the companion of your health – Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras

Are you residing in Delhi province? Well, if you do so, you must have come through an Ayurvedic company called Paramanand Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. It is an Ayurvedic Company in Delhi which offers a myriad of Ayurvedic medicine along with Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras, a medicine about which we are going to talk about. Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras is one of the most potent medicine that this company offers you and too with a very reasonable price. You might be also surprised to know that this company offers free home delivery along with up to 10-15% discount every time you purchase from them. Well talking about the medicine, it has several fascinating properties which will help you thwarting the invasive attacks carried out by various microorganisms such as virus and bacteria. Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras can be used in several prolonged as well as ephemeral diseases such as fever, bronchitis, asthma, chronic joints pain, cold and cough. This medicine is known to be prepared from the mixture of herbs and minerals which are being obtained from the deep woods. Let’s have a close look at the ingredients parts of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras.

Ingredients of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras

Swarna Sameer Pannag RasSome of the potent ingredients of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras are capable enough to thwart the attacks on their own and suppose what if those ingredients as mixed altogether making it one of the most potent foes of those diseases which are the foe of yours. This medicine could prove to be a foul weather friend for you if you start being in the good books of Ayurvedic medicine. Let’s first discuss its ingredient and later on its preparation so that you would also be able to understand that what is in this medicine and how it is prepared to get all the merits of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras. Shudh Parada (Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras), Shudh Haratala (Purified arsenic trisulphide), Malla (Purified arsenic oxide), Manashila (Purified arsenic Di Sulphide), Shudh Gandhaka (Purified and processed green vitriol) are some ingredients which can prove to be best in treating diseases.

Preparing Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras

jaggery ain swarn samir pannag rasIf you look at the preparation process of Swarna Sameer Pannag, you would be surprised to know the rules and regulations which have to be followed strictly in order to prepare this medicine. Above ingredients are triturated altogether in order to get fine powder of above-described ingredients. They all are taken together to transmute in the fine powder and after transmuting them into the powder, this powder is kept in the glass flask which is also called Kuppi in the Hindi language. Just because of kuppi the above-described preparation process is called Kupipakva. After taking the powder in kuppi, it is buried in a pot which is filled up with the sand and the sand is heated on the flame to an extent level. After sand heats up, the glass flask being buried. It is then heated in low, medium-low and high flame in order to thoroughly bake the ingredients. After this process ends the flask is being taken out of the sand. Break it down and then the flask is being coated with chalks and Jaggery mixed in it. This is called Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras.

Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras- A companion of your health

swarn samir pannag ras for feverAre you suffering from prolonged diseases? Asthma, fever, bronchitis, common cough and cold, chronic joint pain are some of the diseases which can be cured by the help of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras. Asthma is a chronic condition which if not treated could be life-threatening for you. Along with asthma, another respiratory disease can also be treated with the help of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras. This medicine will help you with your breath and as soon as you start taking this medicine, you will start witnessing the positive results. Fever, common cough and cold are one of the most common mild issues which can be facilely sorted out with the help of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras. This will fight bacteria and virus which will be a great boost to your health. If you are affected with joint pain, preferring for this medicine will be a sagacious decision for you.

Doses & Precautions of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras

The standard dose of this medicine is 125 mg once or twice a day and should be taken along with honey or lukewarm water in order to better administer this medicine. Some key points should be kept in mind before proceeding for this medicine and those key points are enumerated below:

  • Always consult your doctor first before taking this medicine.
  • Self –medication may prove to be dangerous.
  • Overdose may lead to severe complications in your body, watch out for doses.
  • Pregnant, lactating and children are advised to avoid this medicine or if you want to take this medicine, consult your doctor first and under strict medical supervision, this medicine should be taken.

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