Natural Treatment for Acromial Bone Spur

bone spur 2No idea about other living organisms on earth, but, human beings are kinda facing a new disease daily. Thank God, we humans have the privileges to investigate research &understand the problems we face. This gives us the way to solve whatever the issue is. One such health issue is Acromial Bone Spur. Now, what the hell is this?

Yes, this will be the next question rising in the minds of many of you. But, guys, pharmaceuticals have already invented medicines for the same ready to make money from you. No need to panic, as there are many options for natural treatment for acromial bone spur are available. But, guys, the first step of treating any disease is to know and understand the disease, isn’t it?Most of you are not well aware of what exactly it is. So, let’s at the very first talk about the disease, and then moving towards the solution will be a wise decision.

Acromial bone spur is a disease related to the joints of the shoulders that are responsible for balancing the physic of your body. There is a part called rotator cuff responsible for the arm movements and it lies under an extension of the shoulder blade called acromion. The space between the acromion and the rotator cuffs is filled by a subacromial bursa. This fluid allows the smooth performance of the rotator cuff because rotator cuff works as a depressor and centralizer of the humeral head in the glenohumeral joint. The occurrence of any abnormality leads to the dysfunction of the rotator cuff, hence losing the depression and centralization effect in the arms. Now, the humeral head starts riding upwards closer to the acromion causing the risk of impingement.

There are three types of acromion – type I (flat), type II (curved) and type III (hooked). People with type II and type III are at higher risk of impingement than type I. That is not the only trouble. The problem is added up with a bone spur that occurs in the aged people on the front and side of the acromion.

What is bone spur? bone spur..

A bone spur is referred to the small deposits of calcium, which build up along the edges of the bones. In case, they become big enough to approach the acromion, both acromion and bone spur rub against one another, causing a painful condition known as impingement.

The main symptoms of impingement syndrome are a pain, weakness and a loss of movement at the affected shoulder. The elderly people around the age of 50’s or above are at higher risk of it as compared to the people in the age of 20’s, i.e. youth. The disease may become serious to that extent that it can affect the regular activities of a person. As we already know that elder age is already a tender age and how much this disease at that period of time can affect a person, it is even unimaginable.

Here, the youth can relax to some extent, but, think about the aged people. Their elder age is itself a point to be worried about. Added to it, the disease leads to our more worries and concern towards the elderly people. The fact making it worse is that the symptoms mainly occur at night when we all lie in our beds. It happens especially when the patient, knowingly or unknowingly, lies on the affected shoulder.

Knowing about this disease fills us with sympathy for those poor old aged people. No matter how much you take care, a single mild accident can also lead to this mishappening. In other words, the acromial bone spur can even make a person handicapped. But, this is not the time to show any sympathy to our senior citizens; instead, this is high time to go for some treatment options that can help them get their physical balance back. So, now time to talk about “what is the solution”.

Bone_SpurAs, we have already discussed that antivirals can, in no way, help you get rid of the problem. They are not going to favor you; instead, will help you get more prescriptions from your doctor. This no doctor will tell you because, of course, this is the way they are helping themselves as well as the pharmaceuticals fill their accounts with your money. So, now what is the next solution? The solution you have been waiting since days or even more time than that given below.

Guys, nature has given us the perfect solution for every health problem, we just require believing and looking into it. Yes, like every other disease, nature has given the treatment options for acromial bone spur too. Some of these natural treatments have been explained below.

Natural Treatment for Bone Spurginger.....

1. Ginger The goodness of ginger is not a thing to be explained again and again as we already know that ginger is one of the best natural remedies for almost all the diseases. If it comes to natural treatment of acromial bone spur, nothing can beat the anti-inflammatory property of ginger that helps reducing inflammation, swelling and pain causing discomfort to the patient. Moreover, it is also very helpful in improving the blood circulation. What you require doing is to prepare a cup of ginger tea using a tablespoon of ginger and hot water and steep it for next 10-15 minutes. After that, add some honey to the tea and consume it. Perform the same thrice a day to get better results. You can also use ginger oil to massage the affected area twice a day.

apple cider vinegar .2. Apple Cider Vinegar Again a remedy with the same property of anti-inflammation is ready to give you relief from inflammation, swelling and pain associated with the disease. Its next quality is to balance the ph level of your body preventing further bone spurs. Here, you require diluting 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to some water and then consume it twice a day. Next, you can do is to soak a paper towel in the vinegar and apply it onto the affected area for couples of an hour and do the same few times per day.

Apart from treating the bone spurs, one more benefit you receive from the apple cider vinegar is that it helps to lose excessive weight which again plays a vital role in acromial bone spur treatment.

Turmeric3. Turmeric You all must be familiar with this readily available natural ingredient. You’ll be glad to know that this powerful natural ingredient can also help you treat your acromial bone spur. Turmeric consists of a compound named curcumin wich is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, which can again help you get rid of inflammation and pain associated with it. Consume a glass of warm milk consisting turmeric powder twice a day. You can also consume turmeric supplementary pills with the dose of 400-600 mg for thrice a day, but, only after consulting your doctor.

flaxseeds4. Flaxseeds Flaxseeds are known to have alpha-linolenic acid, a form of omega-3 fatty acid that can help reduce pain and inflammation. You just need to take a piece of cloth and soak in some warm flaxseed oil. Put a heating pad over it so as to keep the cloth warm. Do it once daily for better results. Also, add some flaxseed to your diet. You can also wrap some flaxseed to a piece of cloth and warm it in the microwave for a few seconds. Now, place the cloth over the affected area and apply some pressure to it for some time. Repeat the process as per the requirement.

chamomile-flowers-5. ChamomileThis natural remedy may or may not be known to you, but, it has proved itself to be a wonderful remedy helping you get relief from your pain and inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. The procedure to apply this remedy is to add 1 tablespoon of dried or fresh chamomile flowers to a cup of hot water. Cover the mixture and steep it for next 10 minutes. Now, let it cool down and wash the affected are with it. If you like tea, you can prepare a cup of chamomile tea steeping 2 teaspoons of chamomile in a cup of water. Some honey can also be added to it to sweeten the taste.

Provided above are some of the natural remedies you can use to treat your bone spur, but, only applying these and doing no extra efforts will leave you again with zero results. This is like 100% effort gives 100% results and 50% effort gives zero results. Sounds quite an effort and time to consume, right? Well, if you are really desperate about treating your malice, this is the best option you can choose. There are many reasons behind it and one of them is that it will treat you without giving any side-effects. Now, sounds good?

So, we were talking about the extra efforts you require making along with these natural remedies. Those are some simple regular exercises to let your remedies work smoothly. The above-mentioned remedies could be performed by anyone, but, the activities that I am going to tell you now need positive attitude and dedication. Let’s go through these simple exercises. shoulder exercise

  • Shoulder Endrange Extension: You can perform this exercise by following the steps mentioned below.
  • Use your painful arm to reach behind you and grab some tall object so as to keep your elbow straight locked out.
  • Now, face your body completely forward and start the exercise by kneeling down.
  • You must be feeling a stretch in your arms. Kneel down as much as you can.
  • Now, repeat the process again and again 10 times going up and down.

In the starting, you will feel a mild pull or stretch into the front of your shoulder. Don’t worry, it will be soon relieved while performing the exercise.

  • Thoracic Mobilization: This next exercise is also simple but requires some efforts. The given for the same are:
  • At first, kneel down on your knee caps and land you elbow horizontally on some object like a chair.
  • Now, connect your hands together on the back side of your head as if you are praying.
  • Now, apply some pressure downwards pushing your chest towards the ground.
  • You’ll feel some pressure in the armpits and the middle back area.
  • Repeat the same further at least 10 times assuring to go up and down as much as possible for you.

The stretch you feel in the armpits and middle back will be relieved with each repetition.

  • Sleeper Stretch: This exercise is quite different from the above two. The following steps are: sleeper strech
  • Lie down balancing yourself on your affected shoulder and keep your elbow bent.
  • Apply some pressure on your painful forearm with another forearm.
  • Now, you will feel some pressure on the back of your shoulder in the above of your shoulder blade and deep in the painful shoulder.
  • Repeat the process for 10 times and the pressure will be relieved in some repetition.

Avoid performing any of the exercises in case of the dislocated shoulder.

Following these remedies & exercise can help you treat your acromial bone spur without any expensive treatment or medication. Our body is a machine, actually a super complex, highly activated and multi-functional machine. So, it needs care & maintenance of the highest order in order to keep functioning smoothly and perform at the best of its abilities, without any liabilities.  All these machines out there that you see get corrupted if not taken care of, so how can our body which is an exceptionally complex machine, be expected to keep functioning well without being provided delicate care and quality fuel.

The bottom-line is that things like acromial bone spur happen as result of a lapse in the condition of the body. Remedies & treatment can heal the problem for the meantime but we got to make sure that our body gets what it requires if we don’t want to keep coming across ailments like these. A good diet, quality sleep & a bit of workout are the most basic requirements that this one and only one body that we ever had and we will ever have requires. Make sure that you don’t do any lapse in your responsibilities towards your body or else only you will be feeling the after effects.


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