Uses of Roghan-E-Badam Shireen for adults and babies

If you are searching oil which you can use for both babies and adults, this is the best article. Yes, this is true, now you can use oil for babies as well as for adults. When it comes to babies all mothers want oil which can make their babies healthy. This is totally safe for babies and one more thing which I want to share with you and that is- it is an ayurvedic remedy. Yes, I know you can buy this oil from anywhere but make sure you buy only original so that your baby can get good health.

So, I have already mentioned the name of remedy which I am going to discuss on is Roghan-E-Badam Shireen. I will also tell you the uses of Roghan-E-Badam Shireen for adults and babies. So let’s get started our discussion and see how Roghan-E-Badam Shireen for babies and adults works.

Roghan-E-Badam Shireen for babies and adults

  1. For adults Roghan-E-Badam Shireen is also known as Badam oil, Badam Rogan, and sweet almond oil. It is said that the Badam giri which used in this Shireen is imported from Afghanistan. You might have heard the benefits of using Rogan Badam Shireen for skin and hair. Roghan-E-Badam Shireen a perfect moisturizer for dry skin and cracked lips.hqdefault
  2. Via this, you can also cure cardiovascular and neurological disorders. Roghan-E-Badam Shireen can also be used to cure dark circles, hair fall, blemishes, black spots, premature whitening of hair. The most interesting fact is via this astonishing Shireen you can get rid of constipation easily.
  3. It can cure inflammatory skin diseases because it can bring down inflammation and soothe skin inflammation. It can cure skin conditions like redness, itching, psoriasis, and eczema also.
  4. It can cure chapped lips and dry skin due to its light and non-greasy effects. It moisturizes your skin because it has emollient property. As I mentioned that via this you can get rid of blemishes, do you know the causes of getting blemishes? Clogged pores with dead skin cells or sebum are the reason behind this. Badam Shireen contains high amounts of fatty acid which dissolves sebum and makes your skin smooth and supple.
  5. For babies Roghan-E-Badam Shireen is the best massaging oil for babies. This is multipurpose oil and in winters you can apply this oil on your baby’s feet to keep your baby warm. You can also use this oil as hair oil. This is also helpful in cradle cap issues.bebeklere-zeytinyagi-icirilir-mi
  6. This is thin and can spread easily on your skin. It penetrates into your skin thus very good and effective for massaging. It has very sweet and nice smell. So, you can give your babies (not infants) to drink this also.

Medicinal properties of Roghan-E-Badam Shireen for babies and adults

It has emollient, anti-inflammatory, moisturizer, immunity- boosting and Hepatoprotective properties. Along with these it also has anti-cancer, heart tonic, and brain tonic or memory booster. I hope now this is clear why Roghan-E-Badam Shireen for babies and adults? This is the safest remedy that you can use for your babies or advice adults to use.

Way to use Roghan-E-Badam Shireen for babies and adults

  • Adults- Massage this Shireen on your skin as per your condition and to consume this 5ml with milk once a day is the safe dose.
  • Babies- You can use the same procedure to use this tropically but, if you want to give your child this Shireen orally, you can give 1 to 2.5 ml twice a day.

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