Yeast infection is the second most common type of vaginal infection after bacterial vaginal infections in the United States. Not only during pregnancy, but this is very common among every woman. With a whopping 75% of women getting diagnosed with the infection at least once in their lifetime, this is a problem that needs awareness. More than awareness, the reoccurring nature of yeast infection in women is not temporary problem that just vanishes. But, such infections have a tendency to occur again and again. This not only disturbs your overall health, but also has an negative impact on your future health because every yeast infection in women is treated with antibiotics. These antibiotics are loaded with inseparable adverse effects and the more you take them, the weaker and more susceptible to diseases they make you. For all these reasons, there is a dire need of awareness not only about yeast infection in women, but also about the other available alternatives for treating the problem. Let us start with the symptoms that you should watch out for and then we will see some factors that put you at the risk of yeast infection. Then we will see some alternatives and healthy cure for yeast infection that can prove to be life saver for those who struggle with it regularly.


According to a study, almost 20% of women live with yeast infection without creating any noticeable signs. In some cases it initially stays silent and later on starts creating problem. The time it takes to display the symptoms may vary, but, following are the symptoms of yeast infection in women.download

  • Itching and irritation in the vagina and vulva is increasing with every passing hour.
  • A burning sensation in the vagina is a distinguishable symptom of yeast infection in women that increase to manifolds during intercourse or while urinating.
  • Redness and swelling of the vulva also appears in the later stages of the infection.
  • Other secondary symptoms of yeast infection in women are vaginal pain and soreness.
  • Sometimes, vaginal rash are also seen that become worse on itching.
  • Thick discharge white in color but odor-free vaginal discharge with a cottage cheese appearance is also common during yeast infection in women. In fact, most of the times, it is the discharge that takes a woman to doctor as rest of the symptoms can be ignored.

These were the symptoms of yeast infection in women and if you feel any of these, simply understand that it is yeast infection. After this, you have two choices- either go to the doctor and get a prescription, or try to control the multiplying yeasts at home. Yes, this is totally possible with the help of some natural cure for yeast infection. We will see all the possible treatment alternatives of yeast infection in women and also the advantages and disadvantages associated with them, but, before that let us see who are more susceptible to the infection.


Although many women have yeast infection during their lifetime, the following conditions increases the chances of your vaginal infection.7354938_utivsyeastinfectionfb_jpeg64008e82d3989d782ca45e94a66a3dd2

  • You are at greater risk of vaginal yeast infection if you are pregnant. It is a delicate time and you should not ignore any kind of unusual discharge during this phase.
  • If you are using hormonal contraceptives or birth control pills to avoid pregnancy, you are automatically more susceptible to an yeast imbalance.
  • Women who have diabetes are also at risk of developing yeast infection. In fact, they are at a greater risk of having recurrent attacks.
  • Those with a weak immune system (for example, due to HIV infection) or because of some other reason easily get infected with yeast. This class also develops yeast infection again and again because their internal disease fighting capability is not strong enough to stop yeast from replicating.
  • Medicines that weaken the immune system, such as steroids and chemotherapy, or several other antibiotics put you at risk of yeast infection.


766x415_Coconut_Oil_for_Yeast_InfectionYou have three possible alternatives as cure for yeast infection. First one is what most of the women go on with- antibiotics. It is not a bad idea to use antibiotic treatment if you have that infection once or twice in your lifetime. But, for reoccurring yeast infection in women, these antibiotics don’t have much to offer. You have to take antibiotics as many times as you have the infection. Repeated intake makes your immunity weak and you automatically become more susceptible to yeast infection as well as other such infections. So, this is a cycle that continues to ruin your health. Yeast infection once in lifetime can cause discomfort and unease, but what is more dangerous is its reoccurring nature. Yes, treating it with allopathic drugs is like settling down the outbreak for sometime just to see the infection occurring again. Hence, a wiser idea is to control the infection at initial stage using some natural herbs. Garlic, tea tree oil and licorice root are some of the herb women commonly use to combat the infection. However, if you have severe yeast infection that cannot be controlled with these herbs, go for ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a repository of scientifically proven herbal medicines. All these medicines make no compromise with your present health, and work towards the improvement of your future health. Most of the ayurvedic medicines aim at increasing your own immune system and with a stronger immunity, you can keep many disease at bay, including yeast infection. With ayurveda as natural cure for yeast infection, you can easily settle down things inside your body. Bearing repetitive infections make your body weak and susceptible to many other problems. It is hence best that you solve it permanently. Also, people today are looking towards ayurveda with a hope to avoid all the adverse effects of allopathic drugs

However, ayurveda doesn’t rely alone on medicines, but there are many lifestyle changes that are included as a part of treatment. Here are some tips you too can follow to prevent yeast infection in women.

  • Drink plenty of water when you have vaginal yeast infection and even if you don’t have anything wrong. Drinking water helps your body rejuvenate and there are several other benefits of this good habit. Hence, drink water as much as you can. This is definitely going to help you in preventing yeast infection in women.
  • Use a vaginal wash to balance the pH, if possible a natural one. This can help by keeping the vaginal pH in a range which is not suitable for the yeast. The environment will no more be suitable for the yeast to replicate.
  • Maintaining a good hygiene is critical in avoiding yeast infection in women. When you’re menstruating, changing your sanitary pads every few hours is essential for vaginal hygiene.Home-Remedies-Yeast-Infection-722x406

You bear all the side effects of antibiotics just to cure yeast infection and at the end, you get to know that it is just playing with the symptoms. Well, if you also want to cure yeast infection permanently, we have a much better holistic alternative in the form of natural cure for yeast infection. You can treat yeast infection in women with a few herbs if you are acting on the right time. One common mistake almost every woman make is to ignore it till it reaches a stage when it becomes unbearable. This gives a chance for the yeast to replicate faster and as the amount of yeast increases, the discomfort and pain increases. And at this stage, you cannot control it with a few herbs.

To get a stronger cure, you can opt for ayurveda. Of course natural cure for yeast infection is available with a set of ayurvedic medicines. Yes, you can get rid of it permanently and without bearing the side effects of allopathic drugs with the help of neem tabs, neem oil, neembadi kadha, arogyavardhini vati, gandhak rasayan etc. all these are ayurvedic medicines that are also potent holistic cure for yeast infection. All of these have been medically proven to be effective and hence you can trust them. So, we have discussed almost everything about yeast infection in women, and now, you can beat it by acting fast and also by acting in the right direction. we have provided with factual information about yeast infection in women and now, you have to choose a healthy cure for yeast infection to keep your vagina as well as your body healthy.


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